Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation

Price:21.99 from pharmacies and supermarkets

Dream Smooth Mousse™

This mouse foundation is formulated for normal to dry skin. As I have dry skin, so I thought that this will be the best foundation for me. I have read so many good review about it. Beautypedia rate it as one of the best foundation. I had high hopes with this foundation

 I bought this foundation in Creamy natural. The foundation has bulky packing and comes with a sponge. But this kind of jar packing can cause contamination of the product. The shade creamy natural was a little bit lighter but natural beige was to dark for me.

The foundation has thick mouse texture and almost fragrance free.  A pea size amount is enough for entire face. I applied it with sponge and found that it is really very easy to apply. It did not dries quickly on my face, so I can blend it easily. This foundation is not enough hydrating and did high light dry patches on my face. Although I used it on my regular moisturiser. It conceal all the imperfections of my skin (I do not have too many blemishes but it can cover pimples and spots). This foundation will give you medium to full coverage. The only problem with this foundation is that it did highlight pores. After its application, I saw  that my pores looked bigger. It did not have perfecting ability, I used face powder on it to settles the foundation then it looks fine. This is non transferrable foundation, you will not find it staining your cloths or scarf. It has decent staying power and can be lasted for 6-8 hours. I felt that this foundation did not give me make natural look(I like natural look) .This foundation looked good in photos, but in real life it looked heavy and make upy. Anyone can tell you that you are wearing foundation, especially in sun light, it looked like I used tons of make up. I think its also depend on your skin type and life style. I have reactive dry skin, and whatever make up I applied on my face, it looks quite obvious. I do not use too much make up normally, but those who wear make up daily, may be they will look naturally beautiful by using this foundation. I used it few times then I just threw it in my drawer.
My final verdict about this product is that it is suitable for normal skin type, and for those who use make up regularly. It is not recommended for oily and very dry skin types and for those who are living in hot humid climate.
All the shades available in Australia are for fair coloured girls. The darkest shade is Pure Beige. For Pakistani skin tones, It is difficult to find perfect match, only girls with fair colour can find  their match

My rating:3/4
Purchesed: Yes
Will buy it again: No


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