Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream

Price: 9.99$ from pharmacies and supermarkets

The cream comes in a jar packing, which is easy to use but not good for keeping the ingredients stable. It has thick creamy texture and has light smell. A small amount is enough for moisturising face and neck. This is a face and body cream so can be used as multipurpose product. I apply it on my face and it absorbs quickly but leaves a greasy layer on my face. On hand and body this greasy layer doesn't matter, but on face it does matter. As I have dry skin, so greasiness of this cream is not a big problem for me. My skin feel smooth after its application. It do not improve the hydration of my skin but it do not cause breakout and redness. As it do nothing bad to my skin and also nothing good to my skin. My skin was same dull and thirsty even after regular use of it. I feel that it just full fill the basic need of skin  and nothing else. Also it works better on body than on face. 

It seems that this cream is full of chemicals. It has Alcohol denat on the top of its ingredient list. It also contain some irritant, few antioxidants and some skin repairing ingredients. I fell that this is more suitable t use on body than on face. it is a good product as body moisturiser.

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