Monday, September 23, 2013

Rimmel London 3 in 1Multi Tonal Blush

Rimmel London 3 in 1Multi Tonal Blush

Price: 15$ from David Jones, pharmacies and supermarkets


 Rimmel is an English brand. Its product are quite cheap in UK.  In Australia It is still not so cheap as compared to UK and EU. I think Rimmel is the only brand in Australia that can be found in high end department stores as well as in drugstores and supermarkets. You can buy it from David jones or Priceline and even from Coles.

I bought it when I was shopping groceries in Coles. The powder blush looked handy and travel friendly( I do not like bulky packing). I bought it in spring flower, it has three fresh spring shades which can be used alone or mixed together.. The packing of the product is strong and it comes with brush but the quality of the brush was not so good, I use an other brush to apply it. The only problem is the small amount of each shade, it is difficult to use them alone. The texture of the blush is silky and finely milled. The colours are nicely pigmented but not super pigmented. You have to do a bit more effort to get the colour. The lightest shade has more shimmer than others. The medium and dark shade is not so shimmery and not completely matte, they have a bit shimmer effect. The lightest shade is peachy, the lighter is baby pink while the dark shade is tea rose. When they are mixed, I got a nice shimmery pink shade.

This blush can be used as multitask product. You can use darker shade as blush and lightest peachy shade as highlighter. The blush did not highlight dry areas of my skin, I really love them. I can use them separately as well as can mix them together. The blush has decent lasting power and it last on my face for long time( I have dry skin)may be it will not stay long on oily skin. This blush gave me fresh natural look, it was not looking powdery or unnatural. I really love this product and used it every day. It did not cause breakout or allergic reaction.

I rubbed the blush with tissue paper to see it staying power. Now you can see only darkest shade is visible, the medium left a very light tint while the lightest is completely disappear.

This is a best product for those who do not want to buy too many blushes. This 3 in 1 can give them 6 different shades, (by using them separately, by mixing two and by mixing 3 of them). You like it if you want natural blusher at affordable price. This product is suitable for medium to fair coloured girls. I will not recommend it to dark medium to dark skin tones. This product is suitable for all skin types including dry, normal, oily and mature skin

My Rating: 4/5
Purchased: Yes
Will buy it again: Yes

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