Thursday, October 31, 2013

Free Samples/ Best Australian websites for freebies

Free Samples/ Best websites for freebies

Every one loves free sample as its always better to try product free before buying it. In last few months , I have received a number of samples from different brands through their Facebook or subscription promotion. I have not try all these samples but used few of them during my Malaysia trip. 
I want to share two website with you, as I have received these samples through their information. These Australian websites lists all free samples and competitions, you can go to website once or twice a day and check the latest samples.


                                                                   Deluxe Samples

                                                                           Sachet Samples

                                                                         Hair Care Samples
 I noticed that hair care companies are more generous as they give good sample size product. Personally I like to use good sample size product because, after using it for some days, I can easily decide to buy it or not. After using some of the Neutrogena samples, I decided to buy some other products and I really impressed with the results. Now my drawer is full of Neutrogena skin care. I have also tried Clear hair shampoo and conditioner and really like them. I bought their complete hair care regime from Priceline. Aveeno body lotion is an other favourite product, which I bought after using their sample. I will review some of these sample soon.

I hope you like this post and it will be helpful for you to get free samples.



  1. woah! great samples! i've been using . a few, but not that much! Thanks for the links ^_^

  2. Thanks Lily, Both sites are great for samples, you will not be disappointed.


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