Sunday, December 22, 2013

December Bellabox 2013

I have subscribed for bellabox last month, I was so excited to receive my first bellabox and it arrive today safely on my door step.

Here is the list what I got

Full Size Products
Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make Up Corrector pen, $11.99 for 125ml, This product is from November Bellabox, I am not very happy to receive it because if I want this I could subscribed for November box.

ASAP Pure Mineral Lip Pencil, 20$, Its so expensive and I like this product in the bellabox. 

Deluxe Sample Size Products
Avene Eluage Firming Gel, 3ml, $34.95 for 15ml , It is a tiny sample
Romy Shampoo & Conidtioner, 15ml each, RRP $25 for 300ml , I already have Romy Shampoo and conditioner which I took from a hotel where I stayed for few days.

Sachet Sample
Eslor Skin care Sachet Pack, 5ml each $ Sachets, RRP $36.95 - $84.50
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Daily Cleansing Gel and Calming Facial Lotion, 5ml each, $9.99 for 150ml for the gel and $12.99 for 100ml for the lotion
Hēbē BODY Detox Body Scrub, 15$ Its size does not mention any where, nor on the product and neither on its website. I do not know that it is full size or sample size. 

Limited Edition Bella Box Tote Bag, $19.95 I like this Tote bag.

The total cost of the bag is already over 10$ (which I paid for it).  There is great variation in the contents of its boxes, as I have not get any of the product which they advertise in their December box compaign. There should be at least one full size product that all boxes contain.  

Bellabox was doing an excellent work few months back as when I see some previous reviews, It  was an outstanding subscription box . I do not know what happened to Bellabox now, may be change in management, unmanageable increasing number of subscribers or any other issues.


  1. I'm not subscribed to any subscription boxes as they can be a bit of a hit and miss, that tote bag is cute though!

    P.S. You may want to hide your address, just for safety reasons :) x

    1. You are right Basmah, Its better to not subscribe for beauty boxes and save your money to buy products that you really want

      Thanks for informing me about my details on box, I have not realized that it is readable in this pic :)

  2. Hey girl great box this month for bellabox ! November was my first box and i got the eye corrector pen and its the only thing i use in it this month was heaps great super jealous of that lip pencil it looks nice.

  3. Thanks for you comment Cloe, Eye pen and lip liner looks great but both are from their previous month's left over stock, which is not so exciting.


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