Sunday, February 16, 2014

Empties December/ January

If you read my blog you will know that I have been shopping beauty products since boxing day. I think I should join project pan and finish those products which I already own. I feel that skin care is easy to finish while make up take ages to be finished.
I have finished few products in last two months, I have collected all my trash to take photos.

Sukin Sensitive facial Moisturiser: I love this moisturiser, I already have two bottles in stock.
Nuetrogena Oil free acne wash: This cleanser is a good for oily acne prone skin, I just used it few time but this is not for my skin type. Will repurchase: No
La prairie Lip balm: My husband got it when he was traveling with Etihad. (They give a box full of goodies to their business class passenger). It is a moisturising lip balm, I really love it but it is not available in Australia.
Korres hand and body lotion: This is an other product from Etihad box, I kept this travel size lotion in  my hand bag.Will repurchase: No
Max factor lipfinity top coat: Moisturising top coat.Will repurchase: No, I already own top coat from an other brand.
Aveda Invati exfoliating Shampoo: I like this shampoo, its good for sensitive scalp but its so expensive.Will repurchase: No
Clear total nourishing shampoo: Clear sent me 2 packs of their shampoo& conditioner by mistake. I have  finished one shampoo and this is my second. I have already repurchased it.
Rimmel long lasting finish Nail polish: I bought it during 50% off sale and i really love this nail polish.Will repurchase: Yes, I got one in Rimmel Christmas pack.
Rosehip oil plus rosehip oil: It works well on dry areas of my face.Will repurchase: No, I have purchased trilogy rosehip oil during 40% off skin care sale.
Grace Cole Boutique collection body lotion: Love this body lotion, it quickly absorbs into my skin with out leaving greasy layer, I will review it soon.Will repurchase: No, i already have lots of body lotions.

Palmers BB cream: This BB cream is OK not so good not so bad. Will repurchase: No
Clearsil face Wash: This makes my skin dry and dehydrated, i do not like it much.Will repurchase: No
Maybelline Bb cream: I like this bb cream but it is not for my skin type.Will repurchase: No
Loreal Ever Pure moisture Leave in Conditioner: It makes my hair a bit greasy, Garnier miracoculous is much better than that.Will repurchase: No
Enya Body Wash: It is sold sround 3$, its a good body wash and does not leave my skin dry. Will repurchase: No


  1. nice range of empties ^_^

    does the rosehip oil have any scent? I'm using Sukin at the moment.. and it smells a bit funny! I'm keen to try something different after I finish them up!

  2. This Rosehip oil also have strong smell, which is not so pleasant. I have also used Akin and Kosmea rosehip oil and all of them have strong unpleasant smell. I bought trilogy rosehip oil+ antioxidants after trying it in Priceline store. Trilogy one seems better, it is not so greasy and smell is not too strong as others.


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