Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Fight & Fade Spot Gel

Price: 16$ from Priceline and other pharmacies


It comes in a cute orange tube packing which is very to use. It really work well to prevent and cure acne. It has gel like consistency. I do not have too many pimples, just one or two during That time of the month. It helps to dry pimples and calm inflammation. I apply it on my ingrown pimples, it prevent them from further expansions and also cure them. It does not irritate my sensitive but I always apply it over my normal moisturiser. This little15ml tube last for ages which makes it inexpensive effective treatment. I have also applied it on my post acne marks but I can not see noticeable improvement.

I will not recommend it for sensitive skin types, because it may irritate them. It also contain Alcohol which is not good for long term use. I like this product, it is good for those who have occasional breakouts, for serious acne you should consult to your GP

Note: Apply a very thin layer of gel, if you apply too much it can be harmful for you skin.

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