Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cover girl outlast lipcolour

Price:20.95 $ from Priceline, Bigw, Target and supermarkets

I purchased this lip colour because I really need a long lasting lipstick. I own shade Cinnamon Stick which is bold orange brown mix , ideal for medium skin tone.

Cover girl outlast lipcolour comes in pack with two lippies, one for colour and one for hydration, both are nicely presented. The tip of colour gloss is standard and feels soft on my lips. Coloured gloss is very well pigmented and apply smoothly on my lips. It provide full coverage with vibrant colour, it is not so runny or watery and take few seconds to dry. The lip balm is also very moisturising. This lipcolor stays on my lips for long time even after drinking and eating, its still there. I have dry lips so I applied it after moisturising. It is felt bit drying but I think all long lasting lipsticks have this kind of formula. I really like this lip colour because of it consistency and staying power.
I highly recommended if for those who want long lasting vibrant colour. Those who have dry lips should exfoliate and moisturise them before apply this lip colour.

My Rating: 5/5

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