Sunday, April 13, 2014

Neutrogena Hand Cream Original

Price: 7.95$ from Priceline, Chemist warehouse, super markets and pharmacies

I got its sample from Neutrogena face book promotion last year and it was laying in my drawer for long time. few days back I just put this in my hand bag and start using it. I must say that I regret why I did not use it before, I really love it. It has soft plastic tube packing which is so easy to use. The cream is fragrance free and has silky creamy texture. I have dry rough hands and when I applied this cream on my hand, they immediately feels soft and smooth. It absorb quickly into my skin with out leaving greasy residue. After few days of use my hands converted into soft silky hands.
I highly recommend it for everyone specially for those who have dry sensitive skin.

My Rating 5/5

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