Sunday, May 11, 2014

Models Prefer- Milky way Cleanser

Price:12$ only from Priceline

I bought it when it was on 50% off sale at Priceline. It comes in a round bottle which is not so easy to use, I found that pump or tube packing are much easier to use. I have to sqeeze the bottle forcefully to use the product and even when bottle is less than half , it is more difficult to use.
It has creamy texture with pleasant smell. It does not leather much but clean my face leaving it soft and hydrated. I need a small amount equal to 10cent coin to clean my entire face. It does not remove makeup and it does not claim to do it. I am using it regularly and it does not break me outs or cause irritation. It makes my skin soft and hydrated, does not strip and does not make it dry flaky. I must say that it really work well for my dry sensitive skin.
I like this cleanser, I recommend it for those who have dry or normal skin and it is not recommended for oily, combination, acne prone skin. This cleanser will not work for those who want to use cleanser+ makeup remover.

My Rating: 5/5

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