Thursday, July 24, 2014

Elucent Anti Aging Eye Cream review

Price:  49.95$  from Chemist Warehouse and selected pharmacies

I won this eye cream in EGO's face book competition. Elucent Anti Aging Eye Cream comes in a 15g tube packing with nozzle which is very easy to use. It is almost fragrance free and has white creamy texture. I only need small amount to cover my eye areas. It quickly absorb into my skin with out leaving greasy layer. I have sensitive skin and I have not feel any tingling after its application (as it is explained on the packing that you may feel tingling).

After regular use of this cream I feel that skin around my eyes are hydrated, firm and fresh. I do not have wrinkles yet around my eyes but i do have fine lines, this cream make these fine line softer, firmer and smoother. This eye cream does not cause any negative reaction to my sensitive skin. I used this eye cream for 2 months and still it is not finished. It seems that this little tube last for long time. 

I like this eye cream his eye cream has a number of anti oxidants, skin repairing ingredients and natural moisturising factors. It also contain AHAs (Chemical Exfoliants) which are very powerful and effective anti aging ingredients. Now come to the negatives, the product itself is great and the only problem is its price and availability. This eye cream is very expensive and not easily available every where.

I recommend it for those who have dry, sensitive, mature skin, and looking for good anti aging eye cream with AHAs. Also I recommend that if you have very sensitive skin you can use this eye cream on alternative days. 

My Rating: 5/5

(Currently this cream is on sale at chemist warehouse and priced around 35$)

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  1. Thanks for a detailed review
    My current eye cream does not have anti ageing properties I think I should start using a cream like this to prevent wrinkles in future ��


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