Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dr LeWinn's Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream review

Price: 69$ from Priceline, Chemist warehouse, and selected pharmacies

I have dry skin and the harsh winters in Canberra make my skin even terrible. Dr LeWinn's day cream works really well with my dry skin and I am very impressed with this product.

The product has lovely lilac, golden and white packing and comes in a box with application instruction. When I first saw the jar I felt bit sad as I am not a fan of jar packing but when I opened the pack I found that it has easy to use dispenser. I really like the idea of push down dispenser, it not only keep ingredients stable but also make the product more hygienic.

The cream has very pleasant smell which is not so overpowering, It has thick consistency and feels silky smooth on application. I only need small amount to cover my entire face and neck. Upon application I notice that this cream absorbs quickly into my skin with out leaving greasy residue. I apply it in the morning and It keeps my skin hydrated for all day even I do not need to reapply it. I used it under makeup and found that it does not affect longevity of my make up. After few days of uses my dry patches were disappear and my skin felt fresh and healthy. Now after 3 weeks my skin looks radiant, hydrated and nourished. I do not have wrinkles yet but my fine line become more visible when my skin get dehydrated. This cream keep my skin hydrated and make my fine lines smooth.

I love this cream, I did little research on its ingredients and surprised to see that it has plenty of antioxidants, natural moisturising factors and skin repairing ingredients. So this cream contain all those ingredients which are essential to make our skin healthy and youthful. It does not contain SPF which is added benefit as some sunscreens are not suitable for sensitive skin and it is much better to use sunscreen separately before apply this cream.

I will recommend it for those who are looking for effective anti aging cream with powerful ingredient. This cream comes with very high price tag but its good idea to wait for sale and Dr LeWinn's often have great deals like 40% off or gift with purchase. 


  1. I'm currently using a Dr Lewinn's night cream and I'm finding the same thing - thick but you don't need a lot and it's quickly absorbed. I'm loving it!

  2. I have not tried night cream but its good to know that it is also great as day cream.


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