Friday, September 5, 2014

NP set, Model Co, Mirenesse and NYX Lip glosses review

Normally I do not prefer to wear lip glosses because of their poor staying power, I own only 4 lip glosses. Here is a quick review and comparison of all these four lip glosses.
  1. NYX butter gloss: 9.95$
  2. Model Co lip lights lip gloss: 19.95$
  3. NP set Lip gloss:  22$
  4. Mirenesse lip lift moisture shine lip gloss : 35$

Swatches left to right- NYX, ModelCo, NP set and Mirenesse
I have just wiped them with soft tissue and you can see all lip glosses have gone, even none of them leave a stain.

Packing: All of these lip glosses have nice packing while ModelCo and Mirenesse looks different and more attractive but the application wand of all these lip glosses are very good.

Price: There is a huge difference in the price rang of these four lip glosses, cheapest is NYX for 10$ while the most expensive is Mirenesse for 35$.

Availability: None of these lipglosses are available at Priceline (which is my favourite store),
NP set is available at target, big W, Myer,  NP out let and online.
Model Co is available at Woolworths, David Jones and online.
Mirenesse is available only online.
NYX is available only at target.

Quality: That is the main point, these 4 lip glosses have very similar quality. All of them are sheer, glossy and provide light to medium coverage. Model Co is sheerest, runny and provide lightest coverage. All these lip glosses are hydrating and gives luxurious glossy looks to my lips.

All of them have very bad staying power and last on my lips for very short time. they are sticky and my hair stick to m lips whenever I apply any of them. When Idrink something I find these lip glosses on cups, glasses and everywhere. None of these lip glosses gives lifting, plumping or any other affect.

Final verdict: In term of quality and price I think that NYX Butter gloss is the winner. Mirenesse is very overprice while NP set and Model co also does not worth 20$. NYX Butter gloss is very similar to Mirenesse lip gloss with the friction of price. 

If you are a fan of lip glosses, NYX butter gloss will never disappoint you. NYX butter gloss is also beauty heaven Glosscar winner.


  1. Nice post!

  2. Im not really a fan of lipgloss either, I do want to get my hands on some of the nix ones though, they sounds great and your swatch is so pigmented! :)

  3. I don't mind my mirenesse lipglosses, they are a little bit sticky but I love the shine!

  4. I have all 3 except the NP one and my favorite has to be the NYX
    Affordable and does a great job

  5. Hi! I love your blog, and have nominated you for a Liebster award!

    Olivia xx


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