Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion

Price:16.99$from Priceline and selected pharmacies

   I used Physiogel face wash for almost 7 year but never tried moisturiser.  I have dry sensitive skin and this moisturiser    is especially designed for these skin types. 

The moituriser is packed in simple white bottle which look like medicated product. I like its packing as it is easy to use and it not only keep ingredients stable but it also make it more hygienic.
The lotion is fragrance free which is great for sensitive skin types. It has runny consistency and feels smooth on application. I only need small amount to cover my entire face and neck. It moisturises my skin very well, my skin feels soft and hydrated with out having any greasy layer. As I apply it in morning, I find that it keeps my skin hydrated for the whole day, as I do not need to reapply it. I use it under makeup and found that it does not affect longevity of my make up.
This lotion really work well with my dry sensitive skin. My skin feels soft after few days of use, it doesn't break me out. After regular use, I feel that it improves the overall condition of my skin. It makes my skin soft, hydrated and increases the moisture level . I also notices that dry rough eczema patches on my face are disappeared. This lotion visibly improves my skin and gives me a healthy problem free skin.
This moisturiser is Ideal for those who have dry, sensitive, rough or normal skin. Also great for those who do not like to use products with spf or are allergic to spf ingredients.
My Rating: 5/5
( This product was provided by Beauty Heaven for Review but I am honest to my readers)

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