Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Australis Contouring and Highlight Kit AC ON TOUR review

Price: 16.95$ from Priceline, Kmart, Target and Big W

Finally I got this palette from Woden Priceline, It was always out of stock on my local Priceline store.
The Palette has nice strong black packing with out mirror. It is big enough and contain a decent amount of products. Most of the shades are creamy and buttery, and easy to apply. All the shades are highly pigmented and only one swipe is enough to show the colour. The top row shades are actually my favourite, they are used to achieve perfect illuminating face. The three shades on the bottom are dark, more powdery and look little bit patchy on application. While I have seen that colour pay off is also different on different skin tones. In the bottom row shades, only middle one is suitable for me as countouring powder, it looks dark on my light skin tone but I use very little amount. I used it in many different ways and found that this product can be used as Face powder, Eye shadows, Brow powder.  
  • First one shade in top row is same to my skin colour and perfectly works as face powder. 
  • To cover under eyes, shade No2 banana powder  can be used as concealer . 
  • For strobing shade No 3  is for highlighting and illuminating effect.
  • In the bottom row different shades of brown can be used as matte eye shadows and very dark brown colour can be used as brow powder.
Overall, I love the top row three shades but the dark shades are not very impressive, but still workable. For the price, I must say that quality is very good and it is all in one palette. It will not affect your budget and it is very convenient to use a single product in different ways.

I recommend it for every one, but it will not work for those who have very dry skin or have very fair complexion. For contouring, dry skin beauties can use cream version of this product.


  1. I'm actually a huge fan of this palette. I have pretty pale skin and most people I've talked to complain that the browns are too muddy for their liking. Personally I love them! Never thought of using them as eyeshadows too! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  2. I love this palette too Jasmine, It was not muddy for my skin tone, but those who complain can use it in different ways


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