Monday, August 10, 2015

Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

Price:  19.99$ Online only

                                                            My eyelashes with out mascara

My Eyelashes after putting mascara, you can see some mess on my eyelid
This is my first Avon product, I got it in my glasscar prize.

This Mascara has very different packing, I have to watch "you tube" reviews before using it as i do not know how to open it.

This mascara is not easy to open, Mascara wand is difficult to remove from its base and when it suddenly opens, it it just stains my clothes or any other thing around me.

I found that application is also not so easy and mascara stains my eyelids. I need to clean my eyelids after application. Finally this mascara gives me pretty long lashes which lasts for long time but that's all. Some other mascaras have the same results. After few uses, I realized that it is going to dry in its pot but it looks OK on my eye lashes.

This mascara only last for 3 months after opening so it need to be finished quickly.

Final verdict, I realized that this mascara is not for me and I prefer to use traditional mascara which are much easier to use and give same results.

My Rating:2/5


  1. This mascara looks like a small paint brush to me lol!

  2. It really look like a small brush, and I am not expert in using brush on my eyelashes.


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