Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Alpha-H Protection plus daily SPF50+

Price: 62$

New Packing

It comes in a simple 50ml white pump bottle which is very easy to use.  Its packing is now changed  and it comes in a tube packing now.

It has light smell and has thick consistancy. It need to be applied liberally so I need a good amount to cover my face. It smoohly apply on my skin and blends easily with out leaving any greasy or whit layer. Its orange colour melts into my skin and can not be visible. I use it regularly, it work very well with my sensitive dry skin. I have not find any dry patches  after applying it.

Overall the product itself is great.I highly recommend it for dry, mature, combination or normal skin beauties but I feel that it is not great for oily skin as it hydrated my extremely dry skin.

 My Rating: 5/5


  1. Oh I never would've guessed!! I was trying to guess which brand it may have been before I clicked into this post... I have 1 alpha H product (a mask - which I love) I had no idea they made spf! my current go to brand is sunsense... but I'm curious about alpha h now!

  2. I got it in Glosscars prize and this is my first Alpha H product, and may be the last one too because this Alpha H is very expensive brand:(


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