Sunday, September 6, 2015

Priceline Payback Voucher

Priceline reward system is one of the best in Australia. According to Priceline website

"It’s easy to earn paybacks. Shop at Priceline with your Sister Club card to earn points towards a quarterly payback. Once you’ve earned enough points we’ll simply send your payback voucher in the mail. All you have to do is buy the products you love.
100-199=3% pay back
200+ =4% pay back
When you earn the required amount of points at the end of every three months period, you’ll qualify for a quarterly payback voucher. If you don’t your points will roll over to the next quarter."

I have received these kind of vouchers and perks in the past. This time I though I should share it on my blog for those who do not know about Priceline sister club card and pay back vouchers. I have received my voucher for the second quarter of 2015 at the end of July. The envelop contain 2 items, A Voucher and a perk book. The Voucher is 8.80$ while the perk book include some vouchers which can be redeemed to buy selected items on discounted rate.


  1. I love the priceline rewards program, but don't love how it tells you how much you've spent (i'd rather not know!)

  2. Most of my vouchers are $2-3 lol I need to spend more!!!


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