Tuesday, December 22, 2015

theBalm In theBalm of Your Hand Review

Price:49.95$ from David Jones, Target, Adore Beauty and 56$ from Sephora

The balm released In thebalm of your hand holiday face palettes, It contains 11 best of thebalm products.  I bought it for 35$ on cyber Monday when it was on 30% off.

 Swatches from left to right , Blushes (Hot Mama, Instain-Argyle, Cabana Boy) Bronzer (Bahama Mama)
 Swatches from left to right, Eye shadows (Shady Lady-insane jane,Shady Lady-mischevious marisa, Nude Tude-Sexy, Balm Jovi-Lead Zippelin) HIghlighter ( Mary lau manizer)
 Swatches left to right Lipstick (Thebalm Girl-Mia Moore), Lipstick and cream blush (Apples-Caramel)

In theBalm of Your Hand Palette has card board packing which is light weight, travel friendly and also looks gorgeous. The Palette contain following products which are also sold out as separate products.

  • 3 Blushes  (Hot Mama, Instain-Argyle, Cabana Boy), 
  • One Bronzer (Bahama Mama), 
  • One Highlighter (Mary-lau minizer), 
  • 4 Eye shadows from 4 different palette (Shady Lady-InsaneJjane,Shady Lady-Mischevious Marisa, Nude Tude-Sexy, Balm Jovi-Lead Zippelin),
  • One lipstick (The balm Girl-Mia Moore) 
  • One lipstick+cream blush (Apples-Caramel).

You can say that this is all in one palette. 

I have used all the products in this palette and I am really impressed, all of them are great. The powder products are super pigmented, creamy and finely milled. They applied and blended beautifully with out any fall out.  They last long on my face with out smudging and fading. Thebalm Girl-Mia Moore lipstick is creamy, highly pigmented and long lasting. Apples-Caramel is also very creamy but  not long lasting and not as pigmented as mia more because it is lipstick+cheek colour.

The shade selection is  an other winner for this palette, all shades are suitable for all skin tones.  I have this problem with theBalm Voyage that some colour does not work on my olive skin tone, but the case is different with this one. 

I already own Hot mama blush separately and I checked the both products individual and in palette, They are 100% same and I think that all the other products will have the same quality.

I highly recommend In theBalm of Your Hand palette, it is great for everyone, even if you are on a tight budget, you can get it on sale. You can never get wrong with this palette.

My Rating:5/5


  1. oh la la, i love how the eyeshadow is paired with a blush! a great palette :)


  2. Your are right Lily, it is the most beautiful palette:D


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