Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Garnier Micellar Water in Oil Review*

Price: 14.99$ from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Supermarkets and selected pharmacies

I have used Garnier Micellar water for sensitive skin in the past. I was so excited to try this new product as I have dry skin.

Garnier Micellar Water in Oil comes in a transparent 400 ml bottle with flip top function which is very easy to use. I can see that inside the bottle water is separated from oil, it is only on the top layer of the product, I need to shake it well before use.  It has pleasant smell which I can still feel after few minutes of application.  The consistency is between water and oil, it is not watery neither greasy.

According to the instruction, I dab the cotton pad in the micellar water and then wipe my face with it. Surprisingly all my make up removes in a single attempt. One gentle swipe is enough to remove makeup, even my long lasting eye liner and mascara removes quickly.

Garnier Micellar Water in Oil is very gentle on my skin and eyes, it does not irritate. My skin feels soft and clean after each use.  It leaves a thin greasy layer on my face which is ok for me. The instructions say that I do not need to wash my face with water after using this. Usually I like to wash my face after removing my makeup. Still at some days when I am so tired, I do not bother to wash, I only use this product and it works great individually. My skin feels clean and hydrated after each use, it does not make my skin dry and tight.

I have used it for the last few weeks and I found that it is great to remove all kind of make up including long lasting foundation, lipsticks, water proof mascara and eyeliner. Due to its unique formula, I do not need to rube several time, a gentle swipe is enough to remove long lasting makeup. 

Overall, I like Garnier Micellar Water in Oil, it makes my makeup removing activity easy, efficient and quick. It is great for all skin types specially for those who use water proof and long lasting make up. I highly recommend it for time poors too, It really saves time and energy at the end of the day.

* The product is provided for review purpose but it does not affect my opinion.

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