Saturday, August 17, 2013

Almay Truly Lasting Colour Foundation spf15

Almay Truly Lasting Colour Foundation spf15

Price: 31.95$ from Priceline


Almay is an American cosmetic company.According to their websit

"Tlc truly lasting color makeup with SPF 15 delivers up to 16 hours of flawless coverage that won't rub off - even in heat and humidity. Plus, it nourishes your skin with antioxidant green tea to protect, vitamin E to help smooth, and lemon extract to brighten...for all day, natural radiance. Now, that's tlc.
Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist tested."

After application, it looked so natural on my skin tone

 After some time it oxidized on my skin. You can see the colour changed on the right side of my hand. It is not so visible in photos but actually it is so prominent in real life
I have red so many good reviews about this foundation. Beautypedia also rate it as one of the best foundation. So I decided to try it because I really need a good foundation in hot summers of Australia. The shades of the foundation is limited, only 6 shades are available in Australia (do not know about USA) . I bought it in a Sand after the consultation of Priceline beauty consultant. Sand is the darkest shade, so girls with Pakistani or Indian skin tone can not find their match in this foundation. Almay Tlc foundation comes in a 30ml glass bottle with pump. The packing is easy to use, travel friendly but a little bit heavy due to strong glass bottle. It can not be break easily which is an other positive for the packing. The foundation is almost fragrance free and It has thick silky texture not runny.  A small amount is enough for entire face, I applied it with my finger but I noticed that it dried out so quickly so a little problematic to apply. This foundation gave me fresh, silky and flawless skin. It hided all the imperfections and I did not need to use concealer before it ( usually I do not need use concealer because luckily I do not have too much blemishes). It does not look chalky and un natural. I felt that this foundation offer medium to full coverage. Unfortunately, this foundation did oxidize on my face and It changed its colour after some time. The colour sand was perfect for my complexion but after oxidization it look too dark on my face. As the concept of beauty in Pakistan is quite different from Australia. Pakistani ladies want to have fair complexion while Australians love tan. This foundation made my face tan which I did not like. I just wanted to have a foundation which matches my skin tone, not lighter and not darker.  I wanted to love this foundation but due to oxidization it did not suit me. I tried to mix it with Maybelline smooth mouse foundation and then the colour was ok for me. This foundation is quite hydrating, I can  not tell you about its ability of oil controlling because I have dry skin. It did not emphasis dry patches and fine lines of my skin.
Overall, this is a very good foundation. The only problem is oxidization which will matter Pakistani girl. For Australian girls it is the ok, it can give them little bit darker complexion . If you want to buy perfect match for your skin, buy this foundation in a one shade lighter than your colour. This foundation is best for normal to dry and sensitive skin types. It is really truly lasting as it claim to be. I think it will also be suitable for mature skin.

My rating:4/5
Purchased: Yes
will buy t again: No


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