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David Jones Deluxe Sampler Tote Spring 2013

David Jones Deluxe Sampler Tote Spring 2013

David Jones offers Deluxe sampler tote twice a year. In the month of August David Jones releases its beauty book with so many special offers. They also offer spring sampler bag valued over 105 $ for only19.95$ with any beauty purchase. This is first time I intended to buy this sampler bag.

To buy this sampler tote for only19.95$ I have to buy some beauty product. I asked from the sales girl about the spending amount, she said that it can be from 1$ to as much as you want, so even a very cheap product can count. 

(Image courtesy: David jones website)
I was more interested in sampler tote than a beauty purchase so I just searched a cheapest beauty product. I found the shelf of clearance items at David jones and finally I got Revlon lip balm. As it is not a full price beauty product but sales girl confirmed me that it can be counted as beauty purchase.

The Revlon limited edition super lustrous lip balm spf 15 cost me only 1.75$

Revlon limited edition super lustrous lip balm spf 15
The sampler tote and lip balm cost me only 21.70 $. The sampler tote contain 11 beauty products, 7 of them are same in all bags while you can chose 4 beauty products from 2 different sets
I have chosen the first option. Here is my sampler tote

 All bags contain these products

Option A contain these products

Products in my bag

  • David Jones Beauty Cleanser 30ml
  • David Jones Beauty Day Cream 30ml
  • Sk-II Facial treatment Essence 30ml
  • Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gel 30ml
  • Elixia body lotion 20ml
  • Roger & Gallet soap 2.5g
  • OPI nail lacquer mini 3.75ml

  • And 4 products from option A
    • Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter full size
    • Batiste dry shampoo 50ml
    • L'Occitane shea butter hand cream 10ml tube
    • Burts Bees Intense Hydration day lotion 7g( My bag contain day cream instead of cream cleanser)

    All products in my bag
    Facial care products
    Body care products
    Make up
    ( I love the colour of Revlon lip balm and OPI nail polish)
    Hair care product
    Dj bag
    Discount coupons

     Transparent PVC bag
    This is a complete beauty bag and contains all necessary items. It contains facial care product, body care product , makeup and hair. care products. After buying this bag I did a little analysis of the cost of these product. I thought that David jones is exaggerating its value, as they claim that it is valued over 105$ and they are selling it for only 20$
    I converted the price of full size product into the price of sample size product. For example SK-II facial treatment essence 75ml cost 100$ so 30ml will cost 40$
    Here is the analysis
    Sk-II  facial treatment essence    30ml=40$
    David jones day cream                 30 ml=6.5$
    David jones cleanser                    30ml=4$
    OPI nail Polish                          3.75ml=5$
    Melton Borwn shower gel           30ml= 4$
    Roger & Gallet soap                    25g=2.12$
    Elixia body lotion                       20ml=3$
    David Jones  bag                           unknown  
    PVC bag                                        unknown
    Option A
    Betiste dry shampoo                 50g=5$
    Burt bees cleanser                        20g=3$
    Loccutane hand cream               10ml=4$
    Revlon lipbutter                      full size= 22$
    The value of Option A     = 98.66$
    Option B
    Goat soap lip balm                  full size=5.95$
    Dermologica precleanse               30ml=10.2$
    Burt's bees day lotion                      7g=5.6$
    Circa home candle                         60g =6.6$
    the value of option B         = 93$
    So it is concluded that it really cost over 105$ as the price of both pvc bag and tote bags are unknown and not included. It is a very good beauty bargain and worth buying. I will recommend it buying at least once a year because you can try expensive luxury product at such a cheap price. All these product are also great to travel. Transparent PVC bag is very convenient to use as you can see what is inside.

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