Thursday, September 5, 2013

Models Prefer Beauty to Go pack `Cream Blush

Models Prefer beauty to go pack  Cream Blush

Price:5 $ from Priceline


I bought this blush when I was roaming around in Priceline. It looked so cheap 5$for two blushes. I was more interested in cream blush. It was cold and dry weather in Canberra, and this cream blush looked perfect in this climate. This is a review of cream blush which I use regularly.

The blush comes in lipstick like convenient packing. you have to wind it like lipstick. The colour of the blush is tickled pink.

 I applied it straight into my cheeks. I mixed it on face with my finger. It is almost fragrance free. The blush was well pigmented, it has peach colour with sheen. I did need a peach blush, it gave me coral, shimmery and shiny cheeks. The blush looked so natural and glamorous on my face. It did not cause me allergic reaction. It has decent staying power and lasted so long on my cheeks. I also tried to use it on my lips and it gave me shiny glossy lips. I applied it over my matte lipstick and it gave me plumping affect. It is an affordable every day blush. I liked this product, this cream blush is much more better than Australis cream blush.
You like it if you have normal, dry mature skin and you are living in cool climate. You might not like it if you have oily or acne prone skin and you are living in hot climate. This blush is also not for those girls who don't like shimmer. I recommend this blush for girls with fair to medium complexion, dark skin beauties should look for bronzer pack instead of blush pack.

My rating:5/5
Purchased: Yes
Will buy it again: Yes

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