Thursday, November 28, 2013

Priceline 40% off Cosmetics Haul

Priceline had 40% off cosmetics sale few days back. I visit priceline at first day of sale and purchased some cosmetics. Unfortunately some product which I want to buy was already out of stock but overall I was still happy with my purchase and I have saved big amount of money.

Here is the list of my purchase

  • Models Prefer lipstick Pack (original price:10$)                 
  • Models Prefer lipstain  (original price:8$)          
  • Essence long lasting lipstick                              
  • Essence lipliner                                                   
  • Essence Silky touch Blush                           
  • Natio Blush                                                       
  • loreal Nutri lift gold foundation                           
  • (I paid 14$, I had 10$ off Priceline promotion voucher )               
  • Essence Concealer                                               
  • Essence nail polish (2)                                        
  • Essence Mascara                                                 
  • Essence super fine Eyeliner   (2)                         
  • Maybelline MNY eye pencil                         
  • Essence 2in 1 eyeliner pen                                 

You can see how much I save from this offer and some products were already on clearance. I have just calculated that my purchases cost actually  115$ and I paid just 51.3$. I will review these products soon, hope you  like this haul. 

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