Monday, February 10, 2014

Kmart makeup Haul

Last week I went to Westfield Belconnen to buy some groceries. I only need a nail polish remover and I pick it from Priceline for 2$. I visited Kmart to buy some stuff for my home, I had no plan to buy any make up items (because I already have tons of makeup). But i could not help myself because of such massive reduction on makeup.

I went there with my two years old daughter and it was so difficult to shop makeup with my little one, I did not have much time to select product so I just picked some stuff which attracted me at first glance. Face products foundations, powders and concealers were already sold out while other make up products were still on shelves.

Kmart Makeup
Rimmel Blush Tuscany: 2$ (normal price 10$)
Rimmel Blush Genuine Plum: 2$ (normal price 10$)
Maybelline Expert Wear eye shadow Enchanted Forest: 5$  (normal price 15$)
Maybelline colour sensational lip liner Plum: 2$ (normal price 8.5$)
BYS Automatic eyeliner pencil:2$  (I am not confirmed about its normal price, may be it 4-5$)

Australis Nail Polish Remover: 2$ (normal price 5$)

Total Amount:15$

I think I should join Project pan on BH, otherwise I cannot resist these kinds of offers and my make up stash will be getting overloaded

What do you think about this haul, is't it really very affordable prices? I wish make up in Australia normally sold at these prices. Love to hear about you haul.


  1. I'm so jealous of everyones Kmart hauls!!! The closest Kmart to me is like 40 min away :(
    You've scored really well. Love the shadows!

  2. You did well for $15 :) those Rimmel blushes look very pretty!

    I am on a 'beauty spending ban' for the month of February because I was buying too much makeup from sales! So you should come and join us lol :)

    1. Thanks Sarah, I am joining you, Now I am on spending ban for feb and March

  3. I went into pick up some products, but sadly everything that I wanted was already gone :(

  4. Oh Bottled Beauty, sad to know that you could not get advantage of that Sale.


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