Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dupe Alert: L'oreal Paris Revitalift Magic Blur

Price: 24.95$ from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Supermarket.

This product is perfect dupe of Benefit Porefessional with the friction of price. Its formula, texture and results are similar to Benefit Porefessional (But not 100% same as the main ingredient of Benefit porefessional Cyclopentasiloxane is absent in this dupe).

Loreal Paris Revitalift Magic Blur comes in sleek red tube with a nozzle which is very easy to use. The cream itself has white colour which disappears after application. It has silky velvety texture, applies smoothly and blends easily. 

This Magic Blur truly gives instant matte finish with blurred imperfections.  I apply it on my open pores and they looks smaller. I  have some fine lines on my forehead and it also work very well to blur them. It improves skin texture by smoothing the appearance of fine lines and pores while it does not completely disappear them . I do not have wrinkles on my face so can not tell about its affects on wrinkles. I applied foundation over it and my skin looks almost flawless. My normal foundation (Maybelline dream mousse) lasts for longer time when applied over Magic Blur.  I have been using it for few days and have not find any allergic reaction or breakouts. I must say that it is suitable for sensitive skin type. As I have dry /combination skin now a days, so I can not tell about its oil controlling ability for very oily skin, but it works well on my slightly oily T-Zone. I do not have wrinkles on my face so can not tell about its affects on wrinkles.

This cream does not have SPF which means it is ideal for photography but you should add sunscreen when going outside. A pea size amount of the product is enough to cover entire face while I use it only on targeted ares where i have open pore.This 30ml Tube will last for 18 months which make it more budget friendly as compared to benefit porefessionl.

I have also found some issues with this product. I have read information and list of ingredients on its packing.
  • You can see on its packing that women aged 40-60 are highlighted while I find that this product is suitable for all age groups.
  • It does not give any lifting affect on your face while revitalift rang is designed for.
  • In the ingredients list I have seen that it does not contain anti-aging ingredient, although on packing L'oreal claims that after using it for one month, you will notice improvement in wrinkles and pores. I do not believe that after using a silicon based product for only one month, it can do any thing with wrinkles and pores. (Be realistic when it comes to anti aging)
  • L'oreal does not advertise it as Primer, they say that it is treatment. While I must say that it is an excellent primer, makeup glides on it smoothly and last for long time.
Overall, I love love this product, Its a perfect dupe of Benefit Porefessional.  If you love Porefessional, you will love it, it is not so expensive and often goes on sale. I wish l'oreal release its sample so more women can try before buy. 

I highly recommend it for normal, mature, dry, sensitive and combination skin type while for oily skin, you can try its tester in store. You do not need to apply it on entire face, you can just use it on targeted areas for blurring affects.I do not recommend it for those who do not like benefit porefessional or can not use silicon based product. 

My Rating: 4/5 

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