Tuesday, August 11, 2015

CC Creams - Review and Comparison

I am a big fan of CC creams and I have tried 4 different CC creams. Just a little introduction of CC cream, CC Creams are colour correcting Cream, they are suppose to even out skin tone and correct minor imperfections. CC creams provide lighter coverage than foundation while they are heavier than BB creams.

As compare to BB cream, I found that CC creams work better for my skin. I own these 4 CC creams

Name                                                                          Quantity       Price    Availability
Ultra Ceuticals CC C Mineral Tint SPF 30                    50ml        59.00$      Online, David Jones                                                                                                                              & Beauty Salons
Models Prefer Unbelievable Colour Correcting Cream 30 ml       16.99$       Priceline
Almay Smart Shade CC Cream                                    30 ml       19.95$       Priceline
Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream             50 g          39.95$      Priceline & Super markets

 left to right Ultra Ceuticals, Models Prefer. Almay and Olay CC cream
Swatches from left to right Ultra Ceuticals (Medium), Models Prefer(light/medium). Almay(light/medium) and Olay CC cream(medium)
Swatches from left to right Ultra Ceuticals (Medium), Models Prefer(light/medium). Almay(light/medium) and Olay CC cream(medium)

Here is just a quick comparison of these creams

Packing : All of them have easy to use tube packing.

Price and availability: Models Prefer is the cheapest and easily available in all Priceline stores while UC is the most expensive and available in DJ, online and beauty salons.

Colour selection: Almay, Models prefer and UC creams are available in 3 shades light, medium and deep while Olay CC cream is available in 2 shades light and medium.

Application and Coverage: All of them are very easy to apply and blend. In terms of coverage Models prefer are on the top, it provides the heavier coverage, Almay and UC are on the second while Olay is the sheerest of all.

Staying Power: Models prefer stays on my face for more than 8 hours while Almay and UC cream lasts for5-6 hours, Olay Cream lasts for 4-5 hours only.

Anti-aging benefits: I have a look at ingredients , all of them have some anti-aging and skin beneficial ingredients but none of the above have a magical anti-aging ingredient that works overnight.

Suitable for specific skin type: I have dry skin, Almay is very moisturising and looks dewy on my  skin. Olay is on the second in terms of moisturising ability. UC cc cream is on fourth while Models prefer is on the last. I always use Models prefer CC cream over my normal moisturiser and then it works great on  my dry skin.

Final Verdict
You can see that Models Prefer CC cream is the best in terms of coverage, lasting ability, price and availability. I must say that Models Prefer CC cream is the winner, It is affordable, great for all skin types, provide medium coverage and last for long time. For  those who have dry or combination skin, I highly recommend using it after moisturising your skin.

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